Unlocking the Power of Azure Virtual Desktop

Mon 31st Jul 2023 | Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Remote Working, Virtual Desktop, Working From Home

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a flexible cloud infrastructure platform that securely delivers virtual desktops and remote apps, including Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Basically, it allows users to view a desktop from any location while enabling the security and management of the desktop (and apps) in one central space.

Key Features of Azure Virtual Desktop

Full Desktop Virtualisation – allows you to set up full desktops within the cloud so that your users can access powerful cloud-based remote desktops using any device.

Remote App Streaming – this allows the delivery of individual applications to users instead of providing a full desktop experience.

Access External Peripherals – any peripherals such as mice, keyboards, microphones, webcams, etc. that you’d use within the office can also be used remotely.

Access from Any Device/OS – allows access from any device or OS (home computers, mobile devices, or even simply a computer in another office) that can utilise remote access programs.

Auto-Scaling of Resources – you can scale your session host pool based on user demand, very useful if you have a lot of users who need access to your pool during peak times but don’t need it during off-peak.

Remote Management – working with cloud-based environments means that you can manage anything remotely.

Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

There are three main benefits that AVD can bring to your organisation.


Azure Virtual Desktop allows you to store sensitive data on secure cloud servers hosted by Microsoft so that you never need to store data on-premises. Since your data is stored on the cloud, it can never be breached physically through hardware, as it will be stored in the protected Microsoft cloud server hardware. This makes it near impossible for your data to become compromised.

Work from Anywhere

Azure Virtual Desktop allows you to work from anywhere and on any device. Whether you want to access your virtual desktop from home, during travel, or even from other locations, Azure Virtual Desktop makes it simple to do so.
The only thing you need is a remote desktop connection application, which will easily let you access your virtualised desktop no matter what device you are using.

Reduced Hardware Costs

High-performance hardware is vital for modern organisations but can get quite costly, especially if there are a significant number of employees. Azure Virtual Desktop bypasses the need for high-powered hardware by allowing you to use any computer to access the virtual desktop.

Azure Virtual Desktop means that you can use lower-powered hardware to access the cloud-based virtual machine — or even introduce a bring-your-own-PC policy to your organisation.

You can find out more about Azure Virtual Desktop by downloading our AVD Information Sheet and visiting our Microsoft Azure page.

Download our Azure Virtual Desktop info sheet >

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