Now is the time to fix all the issues from remote working

Tue 19th Jan 2021 | Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Hosted Desktop, Remote Working, Virtual Desktop, Working From Home

Welcome to 2021 – the same as last year, locked down and everyone working from home.

IT managers would be forgiven for thinking that nothing much has changed in their business lives as the Covid pandemic continues its havoc. But now is the time to fix all the issues that came last year from the rapid rush to remote working – and to do it properly so that your company is more secure, more efficient and able to effectively collaborate and communicate.

For many businesses, the rush to exit the office and get staff working at home meant that often a lot of corners were cut. For some, it was a minor miracle as they got everyone up and running, despite the challenges over finding devices, setting up private machines and, perhaps, migrating to the cloud.

The rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams signalled the shift to video conferencing and meetings from the kitchen table. But big issues still remain for so many – and that is the big trend for 2021. This is the year to get your IT fixed, to make it secure, compliant, resilient and high performing. For some that is about going back to basics, but for others, this is mission-critical. There are financial services companies that have had to log in from home laptops to PCs in the office to access files, creating inherent issues of efficiency but also compliance. Trying to VPN into an office machine means performance is invariably poor and so now is the time to implement a proper remote desktop solution. Develop a proper remote working strategy that will work long-term for your business and staff.

Remote Working Options

A proper hosted desktop solution will improve performance, security and resilience leading to better user experience and lower business risk.

Using Microsoft Office 365 means Teams can be used not just for communication but file-sharing and other collaboration.

A key trend for this year will be the replacement of the old telephone system with Microsoft Business Voice, which will streamline so many corporate processes.

We are also seeing companies developing new and innovative ways of interacting with customers. For example, a car showroom chain that is demonstrating and viewing cars, all the way through to sales document signing over Teams. A year ago, no-one would have considered doing that.

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