Microsoft Cloud Solutions Providers (CSP)

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Providers (CSP)

Microsoft 365 offers a complete, integrated suite of productivity solutions specifically designed for businesses of all sizes. Securely manage, collaborate and enable your organisation to work better together.

What's in the service?

Office 365
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are all included as standard.

Teams Collaboration
Location agnostic, Microsoft Teams is the hub for team collaboration in Office 365 integrating people, content and tools your business runs on.

Collaborate, share and manage content, knowledge and applications, find information quickly and seamlessly.

One Drive
1TB cloud storage for storing and sharing files securely online.

Plan, organise and assign tasks, share files, collaborate and get updates.

So why switch?

Access from anywhere
Cloud based services available from anywhere on any device.

Allow multiple team members to work together in real-time and collaboratively, editing documents and sharing ideas.

End to end security that protects your business and your employees.

Microsoft’s cloud offers rock-solid availability, meaning that important files and records will always be safe no matter what unforeseen circumstances occur.

User based pricing
Per employee, per month, clear subscription-based pricing no need for capital expenditure.

Microsoft 365 enables businesses to move away from legacy IT issues, giving staff secure access to their desktops and integrated solutions whether in the office environment or remotely. Trinity is a recognised Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) with a wealth of experience in managing and deploying full-stack 365 solutions.

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Microsoft Office 365 - Further enable and empower your business today. Work together from anywhere and at anytime, securely and efficiently.

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