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Making the best of the tools you already have

Business IT software solutions like Microsoft 365 are usually bundled packages of multiple applications. There’s a good chance you’re paying for stuff you don’t use or aren’t making the most out of tools you use regularly. Our experts help our clients to understand all the apps available to them.

Our blog contains regular updates like getting the most out of Microsoft Outlook and business collaboration features in Microsoft 365 as we continue to focus on helping you to make the most out of the IT investments you’ve already made.

5 tips to get the most out of microsoft outlook
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Ensuring you get value and don’t over-pay

Deciphering software bundles and endless confusing choices is tough if you don’t do it every day. It means you often pay too much and, as you grow, you do so in an expensive way. Our team keeps up to date with changes in the market so we can help you to optimise what you spend to get the most value.

We advise on things like whether Business Standard or Premium is right for your business and how to avoid Microsoft price rises. Don’t try and decipher confusing vendor-speak and price plans – work with us and we’ll keep you on the right path.

Using technology to run a better business

For most businesses, IT and telecoms are necessary evils. You need them to operate but it doesn’t feel like they’re helping to make your business better. We believe that tech should be used as a powerful change agent – if only you knew how. That’s where we come in to help improve working practices.

Whether it’s enabling virtual desktops to help with remote working, using Microsoft Teams for collaboration, or preventing data losses and much more, we’ll support you in using IT to make your business better and more effective.

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Help for IT Leaders

Maintain uptime and smooth IT operations

People only appreciate the importance of technology when it fails. Suddenly, even simple stuff like getting email orders or answering customer service queries are impossible. It might be a necessary evil, but it’s one that must work. We know how to design, build and manage IT that works and runs smoothly.

We offer straightforward advice like selecting cloud hosting providers, help companies understand how old-fashioned telephony might be holding them back, and how IT outsourcing or managed services might be the correct choice.

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Secure dynamic hosting solutions

Keep the business secure and its data safe

Whether you’re the victim of a targeted attack or collateral damage in a more widespread trojan or worm outbreak, the results are usually the same. A catastrophic failure in security that, at best, will be expensive and embarrassing. At worst, many businesses never come back from major outages and data loss.

We blog regularly on cybersecurity and understand that keeping your business secure is perhaps the #1 thing you expect from us. We know how endpoint security has changed in a hybrid world and the attack vectors you face on a daily basis.

Understand the possibilities of new tech

We haven’t got a crystal ball, but the folks at Trinity live and breathe tech. We keep up-to-date with the latest developments and changes so we can help our clients to understand the possibilities that new technologies and the working practices they enable can bring. Whatever is coming, we’ll get you ready.

There’s probably a lot of tech around now that you’re not taking advantage of yet. Whether it’s cloud, automation or enhancing your employee experience, we’ll keep you informed about the new resolutions you should be making.

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