IT Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)


The modern business world is heavily reliant on the uninterrupted flow of data and information both internally and between companies and clients, multi-company organizations, off-site offices and more.

So when there is a major disruption that damages the core computing resources of a company, for example a building fire, flood, power surge, grid outage or even an earthquake, the result can be devastating for the business, clients and employees.

In these severe cases, simply restoring current pieces of work and data is not an option – you will need a full restoration of computing resources.

This is where DRaaS comes in – Disaster Recovery as a Service is a managed, cloud-based protection that works on a continuous back-up and restore protocol to ensure that in the event of a catastrophic loss of ICT and data, you are able to completely replicate and restore your full system as far back as you need.

How does DRaaS work?

At Trinity Managed Services we replicate and host your entire computing system in a market-leading, dedicated, secure, Virtual Private Cloud platform.

We use enterprise-grade equipment to ensure that your complete ICT estate is protected, and constantly updated according to bespoke Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) that you set with our team.

In other words, you’re able to set how fast you want recovery to take place in the event of a disaster, and how far back you’d like the back-up of data to extend, so that you’re able to get back up and running with minimum fuss and disruption.

What are the steps to get DRaaS implemented?

  • We work with you to assess your ICT infrastructure and Disaster Recovery needs. This includes understanding what workloads need to be defined and protected, how data is transferred, stored and updated, what in-house recovery protocols and resources you have and whether
  • We agree both Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) that suit your business’s needs
  • We allocate the necessary protected server and computing resources required to activate your DRaaS plan
  • Once the system is implemented, we test regularly to ensure that all back-up systems are operating correctly

Disaster Recovery as a Service - Let Trinity help you

Our enterprise-grade software and highly-skilled team are on hand to help you set up DRaaS support to ensure your business keeps running smoothly and efficiently, no matter what. Find out more about our DRaaS solutions.

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