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Wed 6th Jan 2021 | Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, IT Outsourcing

If companies didn’t know it before 2020, they know it now: technology – and especially cloud technology – is mission-critical for any business hoping to thrive and grow.

And with the advantages of outsourcing IT to a managed services company apparently clear from a cost and expertise perspective, it is somewhat shocking that so many have a bad experience.

From our experience in the industry, here at Trinity Managed Services we believe passionately that the customer deserves better and must come first.

IT is the lifeblood

For most companies, their IT is their lifeblood. If it doesn’t work, they can’t work. If no-one responds to issues, they lose time, money and reputation. The Covid-19 pandemic has made that even clearer as staff have shifted to remote working and e-commerce has grown in importance bringing a pace of digital transformation that none of us have seen before. With that comes many challenges, chief amongst them being cyber security, particularly with so many people working from home or away from the office. A company’s security of data, people and operations is paramount.

Two recurring issues

At Trinity, we have decades of experience in the IT industry and we aim to address two recurring issues:

  1. Customers were consistently telling us that there was a disconnect between what they required from their IT and what they were being provided; they felt that too often the technology being offered didn’t address what was required and didn’t solve the challenges in their business.
  2. The customer service that they were receiving didn’t cater for the individual nature of their business. Simply put, they wanted to feel like their service provider cared as much about their IT as they did. At Trinity, we do!

Individual needs

We recognise the individual nature of all customers: The needs of a manufacturer are different to a legal firm; a cinema chain has different IT needs to a car dealership. We work tirelessly to create unique solutions that address real-world IT challenges in a way that that is specific to the requirements of each individual customer. It is about bringing together cutting-edge technology and unrivalled customer service to give our customers a competitive edge – while improving user experience to boost productivity. We support them with everything from infrastructure hosting to Microsoft Office 365, cloud security to software licensing.

Trinity is always there to support our customers, whatever their IT issues and we pride ourselves on building strong personal relationships that will stand the test of time.

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