Cloud Infrastructure


Seamless migration of your core applications to ensure consistent, secure and high-speed multi-location accessibility

At Trinity our Cloud Infrastructure services are designed to help you migrate your full IT dependency into a secure, hyper-capable, cost-optimised Cloud-based service that offers clients a range of features and benefits including:

  • High-speed testing and deployment of new business features or functions
  • Always up-to-date applications and support
  • Maximum capacity and resource availability at a managed cost
  • Reduced CAPEX on owned hardware, and redundancy protection
  • Global standards in Data Security
  • Simple, fast and efficient scalability as your needs change
  • Ability to collaborate across multiple teams, locations, whether internally or between company and client
  • Scalable, instant and affordable storage options
  • System and data back up and managed disaster recovery protection

You are able to select either our own hyper-capable Cloud solutions, or we’re able to assess and optimise your existing on-premises Cloud solutions for you. We also have experience in managing Azure Cloud platforms, should this be the solution you currently use.

We are also able to assist you with hosted and managed desktop solutions and the implementation of Microsoft and Office 365 to support your IT transformation to Cloud Infrastructure, giving you a total managed solution, and with it the competitive advantage you need.

Our resilient Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure is actively replicated in real-time, ensuring true high availability for your critical applications.

The majority of providers in the market adopt a legacy method of delivering their 'Cloud' infrastructure that involves slow replications between a primary and a backup site. This can often mean that customers don’t get the levels of resilience or associated SLAs necessary for critical elements of their IT.

Leveraging its own 10GB carrier-grade network, Trinity has deployed an ‘always on’ cloud platform spread across 3 x UK Tier 3/4 Datacentres. This allows Trinity to provide real-time failover with industry-leading uptime SLAs. From this platform, Trinity provides reliability and scalability beyond what most others can offer, at a fraction of the cost of the large public cloud providers.

If your business relies on IT, then you need a platform that gives contractual guarantees on availability and performance.  Relying on long Return to Service SLAs, in today’s instantly available world, is no longer acceptable to the user.

How others do IaaS…

• Long recovery time SLAs – risk of large data loss

• Many potential issues when failing back after invoking DR

• Potential for extended periods without access to systems

• Difficult to automate failover

• High margin for error

How Trinity do IaaS…

• Realtime Replication

• 15min RTO SLA

• 3 x UK Tier 3/4 Datacentres

• No failback risks

• All Flash Storage

• On-net network access

"As an accountancy firm we have a model that creates hourly charges. Outages, especially those that require a move to our DR site for any length of time has a major impact on our ability to be productive as a company. Moving our critical services to Trinity’s ‘always-on’ infrastructure drastically reduced our operational risk."

- 8 site Accountancy practice in the south of England

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