Using Microsoft Teams to keep your business secure

May 12, 2020By Dan StringerCyber Security, Microsoft Teams, working from home

Secure your business with Microsoft Teams Working from home is now the new ‘normal’. Businesses able to do so have transitioned to remote working and, with no clear indication on the expected length of the COVID-19 lockdown, are getting comfortable; establishing remote routines, revising business strategies and implementing appropriate solutions to enable their employees to … Read More

Why Cybersecurity should be top of your business agenda?

April 15, 2020By Dan StringerCyber Security

News of a cyberattack is never far from the front pages of the press. Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly more resourceful, discovering and exploiting new threat avenues in the developing age of digital business transformation. Online newspaper, The Leader, recently warned of an expected ‘sky-rocket’ in cyberattacks, and UK ISP (Internet Service Provider) Beaming reported … Read More