Brayley’s Cars

Trinity takes Brayleys Cars through Digital Transformation to improve efficiency and enable growth

Brayleys is a multi-franchise car dealership network that prides itself on superb customer service. Since its inception in 2003, Brayleys has grown to represent Kia, Renault, Mazda, Dacia, Honda and Renault vans across various counties around the UK.

Brayleys’ reputation is built on their professional sales and service teams, who endeavour to provide the best possible experience to customers with efficient communication and seamless service.

Challenges and opportunities

As the business grew, Brayleys’ IT infrastructure struggled to keep pace with the increasing reliance on digital communication and modern ways of collaborating. There were delays in sending and receiving emails, regular email duplication issues, and there were no recovery or backup systems to protect their data.

Additionally, as the franchise grew and reliance on digital systems became more mainstream, stakeholders and customers expected IT proficiency. Digital transformation quickly became a necessity for the business to continue to grow.

Brayleys Cars fully integrated IT system

The Trinity Solution

Trinity Managed Services worked with Brayleys to design and deliver a Microsoft Office 365 solution to transform their existing business operations. Built around Microsoft 365, the solution included the migration of legacy Pop3 email to exchange and consolidation of 3rd party cloud storage into OneDrive.

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint were rolled out across the whole organisation to transform Brayleys’ communication and collaboration. Trinity also helped Brayleys to understand and create new workflows in order to prevent email duplication and improve overall efficiency.

Why choose Trinity for your managed IT solutions:

Trinity implemented the solution with practically zero impact or downtime, enabling the Brayleys team to get on with business as usual.

When Brayleys were looking for a solution, they placed as much importance on working with the right partner as in the technology. Trinity analysed the wider business process before implementation began, enabling them to build a solid technological solution that was completely suited to addressing the challenges and meeting the short and long-term goals Brayleys were trying to achieve.



Ability to collaborate across multiple teams and locations, both internally and between company and client



System architecture design to ensure any strategy can be effectively implemented



Maximum capacity and resource availability at a managed cost, with simple, fast and efficient scalability as your needs change


Up-to-Date & Backed-Up

Always up-to-date applications and support, with your system and data backed-up and reinforced with managed disaster recovery protection

Benefits of the solution

Whilst the migration to Microsoft Office 365 has addressed the immediate challenges Brayleys faced, specifically around disaster recovery and improved agility, there have been many additional benefits around collaboration and remote working that have become apparent during the COVID 19 pandemic.

David Hearnshaw commented: “Trinity’s solution has provided us with the confidence to try new things, such as looking at how we can leverage the online channel”.

IT support for virtual car sales

The Brayleys sales team are now able to show customers around vehicles virtually and interact with them in real time, whilst the customers are in the comfort of their own homes. This has helped business continuity and resilience during the COVID pandemic, whilst allowing Brayleys to continue offering first-class customer experiences.

Brayleys have also benefitted from cross-collaboration, being able to connect easily across the 11 dealerships to share ideas and documentation. They can also meet regularly via Microsoft Teams, something that before would have been a physical day-long occasion costing time and money.

Client Testimonial

“We wanted to work with an organisation that we could trust and collaborate with, to ensure we had longevity in a relationship. Trinity responded quickly, they held our hand through the process and did exactly what they said they would do.”

David Hearnshaw, Commercial Director, Brayleys, Hertfordshire

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