About Us


With decades of experience in the technology industry, Trinity Managed Services has a focus on addressing two recurring issues:

1. Customers were consistently telling us that there was a disconnect between what they required from their IT and what they were being provided. They felt that too often the technology being offered didn’t address what was required and didn’t solve the challenges in their business.


2. The customer service that they were receiving didn’t cater for the individual nature of their business. Simply put, they wanted to feel like their service provider cared as much about their IT as they did. At Trinity, we do!


Combining cutting edge technology with unrivalled customer service

At Trinity we recognise the individual nature of all customers and work tirelessly to create unique solutions that address real-world IT challenges. Our cutting edge technology and unrivalled customer service gives our customers a competitive edge, helping them achieve process efficiencies and cost savings in a more collaborative and supported environment.

Whether you need IT support or bespoke system design, implementation and management, we’re here to tailor solutions that truly address your needs.

"From the moment we saw the proposed solution it was clear the team at Trinity had understood our problems and addressed them all. Making the decision to move our hosting to them became a no-brainer."

- Head of IT UK based Hotel Chain

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At Trinity Managed Services, we provide a wide range of IT solutions from IT Support, Cloud Hosting and Infrastructure to Microsoft 365 setup. To find out more about how we can help, please get in touch.