5 Tech New Year’s Resolutions

Thu 22nd Dec 2022 | Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, IT Outsourcing

This time of year is always a good moment to take a breath and start to look at what changes you want to make to your business to grow in 2023. As IT specialists, we are in no doubt that technology and your IT infrastructure can play a major role in your growth plans.

Taking into account the development of technology and platforms during 2022, we have created the following checklist of five key items to consider for 2023.

1. Strengthen your Security

2022 saw countless cyberattacks on businesses of all sizes. Research by the UK Government found that 39% of businesses reported a cyberattack in 2022. This highlights the importance of securing your IT infrastructure to lessen or avoid falling victim to an attack.

While security is never the most glamorous undertaking, we know the fallout from a cyberattack can significantly outweigh the costs involved in investing in a cybersecurity solution. It can be tempting to ‘nibble around the edges of security but ideally, a holistic security solution should be implemented across your entire IT infrastructure covering endpoints, networks, email and identity/access management, to mention a few.

Whilst this may seem intimidating, a call to Trinity as one of your New Year’s resolutions, will allow us to do the hard work and present you with a solution.

2. Embrace Employee Experience

A business is only as good as its employees and a focus on employee experience has continued to grow through 2022 for many businesses.

Gallup Research found that businesses with highly engaged staff resulted in 21% greater profitability and a major means of accomplishing this is through better user experience across your IT infrastructure, especially when it comes to connectivity.

We aim to help businesses improve the employee experience through a set of solutions known as Employee Experience Platforms (EXP). Microsoft’s release into this space is Microsoft Viva, which includes 7 modules that work together to support connection, purpose and growth.

Microsoft Viva includes Viva Engage, Viva Insights and Viva Goals.

Viva Engage is a Teams app that provides employees with a space to connect, express themselves and find belonging within the organisation. Viva Insights includes features to improve employee productivity and well-being including work pattern info and tools to enable gratitude, reflection and mindfulness. Viva Goals is a goal-setting and results management solution. This helps employees set goals and achieve them, helping to build a positive company culture.

3. Move to the Cloud

Since 2020, more and more businesses have started to move their IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud to enable home or hybrid working. If you’re yet to make the move, 2023 should be the year to embrace cloud technology.

If implemented correctly, the benefits of moving to the cloud include:

  • Reduction in your IT expenditure
  • Strengthening your security
  • Enabling scalability

If you have already moved to the cloud, it should be your resolution to check that all cloud services are correctly optimised. This includes only paying for the licenses you need!

We have a proven track record in maximising cloud efficiency while reducing costs, so why not get in touch with Trinity in the New Year?

4. Save Time through Automation

We believe this is an important New Year’s resolution for businesses as automation is proven to cut costs and free up time for your employees to work on higher-value tasks. Common processes that can be automated include:

  • Order and invoice processing
  • Various CRM (Contact Relationship Management) tasks
  • Employee onboarding
  • Data entry

We promise you – once you sit down and start viewing processes through the eyes of automation, you will realise that many processes within your business can be automated. Trinity can help advise you on the best systems and applications to make 2023 a more automated, efficient and effective year!

5. Train Employees for Better Adoption of Technology

Implementing new technology is typically ‘one side of the coin’. If you want to see benefits such as improved collaboration and communication, reduced costs or increased productivity you need to get the users on board. Adopting a comprehensive launch strategy and training program, will allow you to maximise your investment in any new technology.

Since 2020, when many businesses had remote and hybrid working forced upon them, the lack of a complimentary training strategy has led to some disappointment in how well investment in technology has been exploited. If this is the case for your business and you are not seeing the benefits you expected, a resolution for 2023 should be to provide better technology training for your employees.

This could can be provided through in-person training or using a third-party learning management system (LMS). However training is delivered, if employees can fully understand the features and functionality of your technology, you will see the benefits you expected.

Sticking to Your Tech New Year’s Resolutions

We know it can be hard to stick to New Year’s resolutions! The good thing about these technology resolutions is that you can rely on Trinity Managed Services to ensure you stick to them.

If your business is looking to implement new technologies or improve existing IT systems and infrastructure, contact us today. We offer an IT System Audit service which will help us pinpoint optimisations and develop a plan to help your business become more efficient in 2023.

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