5 reasons to outsource your IT security

Mon 26th Sep 2022 | Cyber Security, IT Outsourcing

Complex cyberattacks are becoming more common, all businesses are at risk of falling victim to them and they can be devastating. To reduce this risk, businesses often implement new technologies that focus on prevention, detection and remediation, but this alone will not prevent a cyberattack. Your IT security system should be designed, implemented and maintained by skilled security specialists.

Outsourcing IT security to a trusted third party will ensure that your business is as safe as possible. This article discusses five reasons why businesses should outsource their cybersecurity.

1. Access to experienced, dedicated IT security specialists

Many businesses rely on their in-house IT teams to manage everything IT related, including cybersecurity, but this is an area currently suffering a skills shortage, making it difficult for businesses to employ experienced cybersecurity professionals. Depending on the size of the company, and their IT department, keeping up with the latest technology in all aspects can be overwhelming

When a business outsources cybersecurity to a trusted third party, they gain the advantage of a team of IT security specialists who have the time and resources to keep up to date with the latest threats and the best way to avoid them.

2. Reduce your costs

No matter the size of your business, employing an IT security specialist or training an existing employee can be extremely expensive. For smaller businesses, it is unlikely to be justifiable to have an employee dedicated solely to IT security. And in both of these situations, a business will still also need to pay for cybersecurity technologies.
If a business outsources their IT security, the cost is typically a fixed amount per month and includes the technology, as well as access to a team of cybersecurity professionals. Whenever a business is considering the cost of outsourcing IT security, they should also consider the potential cost of a cyberattack, as this can help to justify the expenditure.

3. Decrease workload for in-house IT teams

If your business has an in-house IT department, it is likely that they already have a full workload maintaining the IT infrastructure and supporting the rest of your team. This can leave them with insufficient time to keep up with the latest developments in IT security and threat monitoring.

Outsourced cybersecurity transfers the responsibility for planning, implementation and monitoring of your IT system to a third-party specialist. This frees up time for your in-house IT department to spend supporting your specific business needs, growing your business and providing better experiences for employees and customers.

4. Improved incident response time

If a business falls victim to a cyber attack, it is imperative that they respond quickly to reduce further damage and limit downtime. If a security breach enters a network or system during a weekend, an in-house IT team may not notice until Monday morning, giving the intruder time to inflict extensive damage. For example, it takes just 18 minutes for Russian nation-state hackers to move across a network.

Third-party cybersecurity often offers 24/7 protection, detection and remediation. This ensures that regardless of when an attack occurs, there is someone ready to take action quickly, effectively and more cost-effectively than trying to maintain this sort of coverage in-house.

5. Access to the latest IT security technologies

There are various technologies designed to fulfil specific roles, such as email protection, endpoint protection, server monitoring, and more. An in-house IT department, may not have experience with all of these advanced technologies, or the time to keep up with the ever-changing face of cybersecurity.

If a business outsources its cybersecurity requirements, they will be protected by a team of professionals that live and breathe cybersecurity.

Looking into outsourcing your cybersecurity?

All businesses need to invest in cybersecurity, to avoid the ever-growing number of advanced threats that most in-house IT departments will not be prepared to defend against.

Trinity offers a range of IT security services, from network and server monitoring to full vulnerability assessments and compliance. Regardless of what your cybersecurity requirements or concerns are, our expertise and consultative approach will enable us to help you to navigate a range of options to ensure that you are covered.

If the worst happens and your IT systems are subject to a successful attack , we also offer IT disaster recovery  as a service, an advanced, cloud-based approach to IT backup. This covers so much more than IT security breaches, but also other disruptive events such as fire, flood, power surges and theft.

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